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As the festival of Samhain approaches and according to legend the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, it's time to curl up on...

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Liz's Fundraising

Liz Charles started reading for Calibre 30 years ago when she was still working in the theatre. Many years later after she had retired from showbiz...

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Sunset Song

Sunset Song, by Lewis Grassic Gibbon has been voted Scotland's favourite book in a BBC poll run alongside its Love To Read Campaign. The first...

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New Books

Our October Offerings

At The Edge Of The Orchard

75 new books join the library this month. Sci-Fi lovers may enjoy Rama Revealed 11170 by Arthur C Clarke, Look to Windward 11394 by Iain M Banks or 3 new additions (11402, 11403, 11404) by Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett. 11253 The Assassin’s Prayer by Ariana Franklin is our latest in the Adelia Aguilar series.

Historical novels include At The Edge Of The Orchard 11321 by Tracy Chevalier which is set in the pioneering settlements of Ohio, The House By The Lake 11380 for a portrait of 20thcentury Germany, Conspiracy 11338 by S J Parris is a historical thriller or The Biscuit Girls 11371 by Hunter Davies is the true story of Carrs of Carlisle.

Duet 11262 by Carol Shields offers an insightful portrait of sisters. We have classic Irish Maeve Binchy title, A Week In Winter 11168. For a dark love story there’s The Butcher’s Hook 11351 by Janet Ellis or for something warm and witty we offer Fern Britton’s The Postcard 11387. More humour is provided by Sue Townsend’s collection of non-fiction pieces in The Public Confessions of a Middle-Aged Woman 11398.

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Calibre Dogs Blog - Chapter 5 Louis

Loius Dog

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Louis and I’m a Bichon Frise. Strictly speaking I’m a dog but my owners say I’m more like a hairy human toddler, but without the tantrums. I love humans but find them hard to understand which is why I enjoyed The Humans(10102) by Matt Haig  so much, as well as The Incredible Human Journey(9230) by Alice Roberts. When I’m not eating and tormenting the people around me I love to relax. Some of you might not find it as easy to switch off as I do, so I recommend you have a look at Purely Relaxation(9328), and Rest and Sleep(617115), both by Linda Hudson.

My ancestors were especially popular with French nobility in the 16thcentury but over the years the breed fell from favour and became street dogs accompanying organ grinders, and performing in circuses and fairs. My talent for performing is still there and I sometimes have a yen to pack up my knapsack and join the circus. But that would mean leaving my comfy home so I have to content myself with reading books like Mr Nobody’s Eyes(616575) by Michael Morpurgo.

King Henry III of France loved his bichon so much that he allegedly carried him around in a papoose! Pop star Robbie Williams has been photographed with his in a backpack too. Then there’s Gracie, another Calibre Bichon who comes to work in a backpack on a bike. No, honestly! Just read Ten Poems About Dogs (9113) to get an idea of how potty humans can be about dogs.

My favourite book of all time is, of course, The Incredible Journey(1919), also a Disney film, though how come the two dogs and the cat managed to lose their owners is beyond me, I don’t let mine go further than the end of the garden without making a BIG fuss…

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