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A Summer Reading Selection from Calibre’s Editorial and Production Team

A quick survey of the summer reading habits of the seven members of Calibre's Editorial and Production Team has thrown up a wonderfully varied list...

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Happy 15th Birthday Newbury VIP Reading Group

Christine Ronaldson, our Head of Literature of Audio Book Production joined the Newbury VIP Reading group for their 15th birthday celebrations. The...

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Latitude Festival Top 20 Books by Women

Latitude Festival 2016 goers have been voting for their top favourite 20 books by women. Participants at the Suffolk event wrote their choices on...

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New Books

July's New books

My Life in Houses

As the fallout from the tumultuous Brexit decision continues, historians Anthony Seldon and Peter Snowdon have undertaken 300 in-depth interviews with the people closest to the prime minister, including Cameron himself for Cameron at 10: The Inside Story 2010-2015 (011246). From the time he became Britain’s youngest Prime Minister since 1812, the authors lead us through the Coalition negotiations, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and examine his relationships with world leaders including President Obama and Chancellor Merkel. 

Not many people have an outside privy today but a only few decades ago most homes had one. Margaret Forster’s My Life In Houses (011197) takes a journey looking at the way houses resonate in our lives through her own experience from living in a brand new council house to her current London home. She also examines the meaning of ‘home’ to different people. 

Simon Brett’s brother and sister duo are back in Blotto,Twinksand The Heir To The Tsar (011267). When Count Igor and Count Lyudmilla Bashusky arrive at Tawcester Towers after being exiled following the Russian Revolution, the indomitable pair’s mission is to get them back to the Motherland but they soon find themselves embroiled in the world of espionage and conspiracies. 

Gervase Phinn’s  A Lesson in Love (011270) is the fourth book in his Little Village series where love is in the air in Barton-in-the-Dale. Emmet Daly and Ashley Underwood are made for each other but it appears everyone can see this apart from themselves. 

And finally we travel to the Nigerian village of Akure, the setting for Chigozie Obioma’s The Fishermen(011244) where four brothers meet a stranger whose mystic prophecy of brutality threatens to split this close-knit family. 

For full details of ALL new titles please visit our new books page.

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Calibre Dogs Blog - Chapter 3 Running!

Reuben Running

This month's dogs blog features titles on the theme of "Running". This subject is particularly popular with Reuben who is 5 years old and has been deaf from birth. Reuben is a quite exceptional runner, so much so that people stop and watch him in amazement on the beach when he will run a lap of almost a mile at a time. He has the speed of a greyhound but the stamina of a collie - and the appetite of a horse! Fortunately Reuben has excellent recall - although his owners need to do a big signal to be seen from a distance.

Reuben's favourite Calibre titles are:-
1. The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog 616006 by Jeremy Strong
2. Born to Run 616830 by Michael Morpurgo
Running Rings 6037 by John McLaren
White Boy Running 9410  by Christopher Hope
Runner 8743 by Thomas Parry
6 Torpedo Run 8915 by Douglas Reeman

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