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Calibre Audio Library

Thank-You Crerar Hotels Trust

We would like to say a big "Thank You" to Crerar Hotels Trust for their generous donation supporting Calibre's service for our Scottish members. ...

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3 Dogs

Calibre dogs get the most likes of all our facebook posts and make the post popular retweets, so by popular demand we have a new Dogs' Blog...

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World Book Night 2016

It's the sixth anniversary of World Book Night, the annual celebration of reading that is part of UNESCO International Day of the Book chosen in...

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New Books

April Additions

Calibre supporting Cityread London

Among the 58 new books we have added to our library in April, we have this year’s Cityread London’s Ten Days by Gillian Slovo (011059) and My Name is Lucy Barton (011064) by Elizabeth Strout, shortlisted in the Baileys Women’s Prize for fiction.

We have a feast of fiction for lovers of detective and mystery stories with two of James Runcie’s Grantchester books (011084 and 011085). Sleuth Kate Shackleton is at work in Frances Brody’s Death of an Avid Reader (011055) and there’s some classic Maigret in The Carter of La Providence (011065). We’ve added 4 more books by Peter James including Looking Good Dead (011098) in the Roy Grace series.

For a classic Victorian adventure there’s a new version of King Solomon’s Mines (011113) by Henry Rider Haggard.

Concorde: The Rise and Fall of a Supersonic Airliner (011077) by Jonathan Glancey is sure to be of interest to aviation fans.

Laura Barnett’s The Versions of Us (011091) explores the choices we make in life and the different paths our lives might follow as a result and makes for a thought-provoking read.

For full details of ALL new titles please visit our new books page.

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Introducing the Calibre Dogs' Blog

Relaxed Reading

There are a lot of dog lovers in the Calibre team and we thought you might like an introduction to some of them. We’ll start with Charlie Girl, possibly the most famous of the pack having been tweeted several times and featured in the Bucks Herald promoting Calibre’s involvement with Cityread London and Gillian Slovo’s Ten Days 11059

Charlie finds listening to audio books very therapeutic. Reading helps her relax after a hard day at the office soaking up attention and consuming the odd biscuit or two. 

Sometimes it’s nice to have an easy listen and some of the Young Calibre books fit that bill.  Charlie’s personal book list is often chosen based on a key word selection in the title search. Hence a particular favourite are books from Jenny Nimmo’s “Charlie Bone” series like Midnight for Charlie Bone 616323.

Her keyword search recently picked Green Grass 6376 by Rafaella BARKer!

We all like to take a book or two on holiday. Charlie and her pals are off the Wales this week and she’s packing The Perfect Holiday 10718 by Cathy Kelly in her rucksack along with her favourite blanket, a soft toy and a healthy supply of snacks. She hopes to visit St Davids in Pembrokeshire as there is a café there that makes ice cream especially for dogs! 

Charlie has lots more book choices to share with you as do the other dogs in her family; Toffee, Hobie and Reuben.


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