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Marjorie Blamey

Marjorie Blamey 1

We never cease to be surprised at the amazing range of talents our Calibre members display and 97-year-old Marjorie Blamey MBE is no exception. Although not formally trained, Marjorie became one of the world’s best known botanical illustrators and her wonderful work can be found in books such as Cassell’s Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe; Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland and Wild Flowers by Colour

As a child growing up in the Isle of Wight she loved art but when she presented a drawing of autumnal nuts and conkers to her teacher she was told that nobody would be interested in her decorative offerings. Undeterred, in adulthood, she nurtured her creative side through photography and performing; working as a photographer during the day and as an actress at night, following her RADA training.

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