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Saying thank you with a gift in your will

As a charity, Calibre receives no government funding and we are dependent on donations to provide our service. In particular we rely on gifts in members' wills to cover one third of our costs. These legacies are a lifeline to Calibre and hence to our members as well.

Most of the legacy gifts we receive have been made to say "thank you" from people who have themselves enjoyed the benefit of Calibre membership or from people who have seen the great pleasure that Calibre's audio books have provided to a family member or close friend. From the many letters of thanks we receive, we know our service is much appreciated. People tell us it enhances their lives, breaks down isolation and gives them access to a whole world of imagination and pleasure.

Mrs Heady, aged 89, told us recently
"When I received your letter I was about to update my will and,of course, promptly added £500 to Calibre. My books are the highlight of my week and I don't know what I would do if they stopped coming"

Most of our members are elderly, with almost half over 80, so we know that our books are a lifeline to many, offering interest, comfort and helping some through periods of illness or loneliness. We also support 1.200 children under 16, many of whom are discovering the joy of books for the first time.

If you have reason to be grateful to Calibre or would like to provide a lifeline to others then please remember our work in your will.

Mrs Booth, 82 has been a Calibre member for 11 years after being diagnosed with macular degeneration."I have always been a very keen reader and even now listen to about 50 books a year" she explained. "I have pledged a legacy to Calibre because I don't know how I would have managed without you for the many years that I have not been able to see."

After providing for loved ones, leaving a percentage of your estate or a fixed sum will ensure people can enjoy Calibre's free audio book service in future. Existing wills can be easily updated by adding a codicil. Your gift will make a real difference enabling future members to enjoy our service.

When you remember Calibre with a gift in your will, your kindness will never be forgotten, We keep a Book of Remembrance on display in the foyer of Calibre's offices where we record the names of everyone who has left us a gift in their will. We will soon be recreating this lasting tribute on our website.

Legacy Pledgers

Please phone Terry Squire or Becci Liggett on 01296 432 339 to discuss leaving a gift to Calibre in your will or click here to email us for an information pack.