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We offer two helpful documents with advice for setting up a book group and a list of generic questions that you can use in your group if you need some conversation starters:


Calibre Audio Library offers a support scheme for book groups with members who would qualify for our service. Our book group collection consists of unabridged audio books including best sellers, classic novels, modern fiction and popular non-fiction covering a wide range of reading tastes. We can provide multiple digital copies of a book to ensure that all members of the group can read the same book at the same time.

The books are provided on MP3 CDs, though we can offer the books via USB memory sticks if required. We will send you a list of titles that you can choose from, however if there are titles you would like to read that aren’t on the list, you can always suggest them as we may be able to offer them. You can download the current list of titles from the Downloads column to the right of this page. Once you have given us some titles and the dates of when you need them by, we will ensure the books get to you in time for your next meeting.

We will lend you 5- 20 copies of a book, up to twelve times each year to cover all your book group meetings.

There is a yearly subscription costing £18 per person per year (including VAT)

For example, if you have 6 members in your group it will cost £108 for the year in total for all the books that we send out to you in that year.

There are no postal charges to visually impaired readers as the books are sent free under the Articles for the Blind postage concession.

How to Join:

There is a FREE three month trial period to enable you to establish your group and try out the scheme. After the free trial period we will invoice you for the next year.

If you would like to take advantage of this scheme then please download the book group application form (from the Downloads column to the right) and send it to us by post with your payment. You can also contact our Membership Services team to pay by phone if you would prefer, or to find out more details about the book group membership scheme.