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Reading Resolution

Reading Resolution Header

This year we are launching our first ever Reading Resolution challenge! We want to encourage and support all our members to get the most out of their membership by aiming to read even more books this year.

To join the challenge all you need to do is set a goal of how many books you want to read in 2019. In return we will give you oodles of ideas for new books, genres and authors to try, plus we have a great online forum for members to discuss books with each other. This is one resolution that even if you don’t meet, you will have fun trying!

Join the Resolution!

  1. Sign up to the challenge here:

  2. Enter the number of Calibre audiobooks you are pledging to read this year. It doesn’t matter how many or how few you enter but the aim is to enjoy more books than last year so why not give yourself a challenge? The average number of audiobooks our members borrowed last year was 28 – can you match this?

  3. Everyone who meets their personal target will receive a certificate from us, celebrating their achievement. All those who are successful will be entered into a prize draw and one member will win a £20 Amazon voucher.

  4. If you listen to our books on Memory Stick, CD or Downloads we can help keep track how many you read. At the moment we are not able to do the same for our Streaming service but streamers please do join in and just keep track of your books as you go.

  5. You must be a Calibre Audio Library member to take part in the challenge. Anyone wishing to join can visit or call 01296 432339 for more information.

  6. The Reading Resolution runs until 13th December 2019 but you can sign up any time. All those who successfully complete the challenge will be listed on our website (if permission is given) and the prize winner will be announced on 20th December 2019.

Helping you to stick with it

Here at Calibre we’re all about books, so if you need a recommendation or want to start a conversation with other members about books, we are here to help!

Our Facebook group Calibre Reading Room is for just that and Calibre staff will be popping by to give helpful reading tips and make suggestions for new books to try. Go to CalibreAudio on Facebook and click on Groups to join.

On Twitter use the hashtag #ReadRes19 to let us know how many books you plan to read or what you are reading right now. We can then wave, cheer and generally support your great work. If you don't already, don't forget to follow us on Twitter @calibreaudio

We also have a range of podcasts available that talk about new books added to the library, as well as titles and authors we want to share. Just search for Calibre News, For Your Ears Only or Calibre Echo wherever you normally get your podcasts.

Pledgers will also receive email updates to help keep the motivation going. There are so many fantastic audiobooks in our library, we can’t wait for you to discover them.


So on your marks, get set… press play!