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Group Membership: Mini Library

Mini Library

Mini Library of MP3 CDs

Groups can borrow a collection of books from our extensive library on MP3 CD to have a mini library made up of different titles for their users to browse and borrow from. This is ideal if you would just like to hold a selection of titles that your users can choose from so that they can borrow and return the books as they would in a public library setting.

The books are sent and returned by post, free of charge. When a book is returned and received by us we will send out a replacement title. We can choose books for your users, based on the categories of book you think they will enjoy or you can send us a list of titles and we will send books from this list whenever possible. In this case you may wish to buy one or more of our catalogues or use the Calibre website to search our online catalogue.

You can refresh your mini library as often as you like as there is no limit to how many times you can exchange the books within the year.

This is a yearly subscription costing £18 per MP3 CD copy required per year (including VAT)

How to Join:

If you would like to take advantage of this scheme then please download the Mini Library application form (from the Downloads column to the right) and send it to us by post with your payment. You can also contact our Membership Services team to pay by phone if you would prefer, or to find out more details about the group membership scheme.