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Download Service - Introduction


Our download service is available. 

You can  listen to our audiobooks on smartphones and tablets. You can find the relevant app you need by following one of the links below:


Apple For Apple devices go here


Android For Android devices go here


More Information

Below is a link to the audio instructions for our Downloads app:

Calibre Downloads Audio Instructions:


Our download service complements our current postal services available on USB memory sticks or CDs. Existing Calibre members will be able to use this service free of charge, in addition, or as a replacement for our postal services.

For new members, our one-off £35 joining fee will apply. This covers a lifetime membership of our library in any mix of media you choose. 

Our visually impaired members who are used to using mobile technology for other purposes and familiar with gesture controls using the tap, double tap and swipe movements that mobile technologies utilise in place of visual clues. For our partially sighted or dyslexic users, we have ensured screens are clear and uncluttered, we offer a choice of colour schemes and keyboards (ABC or QWERTY).

To help you get started we have published a series of Youtube videos to take you through the processes on a step by step basis. You will find these here. The videos have an audio commentary describing the actions and are designed to be used either by someone assisting a visually impaired person to learn how to use the service or by the potential user themselves.

We also have step by step text instructions available here and also in the Documents section of this page. These instructions apply to both Apple and Android devices unless you have the Talkback functionality enabled on your Android device. If you do use Talkback on android then please use the specific instructions here.