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Fundraising Regulation

Calibre Audio Library is registered with the Fundraising Regulator. As soon as the Regulator launches their Register of Members, you will be able to verify this.

The Regulator's website is

Fundraising Regulator Logo





Registration means that Calibre has undertaken to abide by the terms and conditions of registration, the Fundraising Regulator's "Fundraising Promise" and the "Code of Fundraising Practice".

Calibre has never carried out some of the invasive fundraising practices that have been reported in the media as causing annoyance and distress to many, such as fundraising by telephone or door to door. We have never employed third party fundraisers or bought or sold lists of personal data so we are pleased to report that registration with the Regulator has not involved us in making any changes to our activities. We have always tried to be open and honest in all our fundraising and never to apply undue pressure when requesting support from our members.

If you have cause to believe that Calibre are in breach of either the Fundraising Promise or the Code of Fundraising Practice we have a Complaints Procedure set up to deal with this.