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Memory Stick Service

Our method of of providing audio books is in digital MP3 format. MP3 is a format that allows us to get a lot of information into a small space. All of our books are in the digital collection.

You can find out what we have available using the online catalogue.

USB Memory Sticks (which are MP3 format) have many benefits including:

  • books fit onto one memory stick
  • the sound quality is excellent
  • there is minimal risk of damage to your equipment
  • the postal packets are smal and easy to fit into letterboxes

To get started with our memory stick service, you can call us on 01296 432 339.

What is a memory stick?

A memory stick is a small device about the size of thumb which can hold a huge amount of digital information, such as a complete audio book. They are also referred to as thumb drives or pen drives. They plug into a player or computer.

To play your Calibre books using a memory stick you will need a Kings Audio Sonic or Sovereign player, Boombox Plus or another suitable player, some of  which are being used by local talking newspapers. Calibre stocks the three players previously mentioned. Please see our MP3 Players available from Calibre information sheet for more details. These players can all be bought from our online shop. For further information and details of other players we suggest you read our Guide to Findng a USB Memory Stick Player leaflet.

If you would like to hear audio instructions on how to use the players then please click on the audio link below:


Sue Rogers listens to book on memory stick

"Memory sticks are much easier to use than the cassettes and offer a better sound quality" says Sue Rogers from Bucks