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Education - supporting A Levels, GCSE & PSHE

In addition to offering a large choice of books for leisure reading, Calibre Audio Library are delighted to offer a range of titles that will support the educational needs of pupils studying for GCSEs or A Levels from the major examination boards, as well as books relating to the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) section of the national curriculum.

Calibre Audio Library is a national charity providing an audio book service to people unable to read normal print as a result of dyslexia, visual impairment or other disabilities. Our educational titles accordingly are available to individual members or to schools (via our Group membership scheme) with pupils who cannot read books for for these reasons.

Audio books are both enjoyable and educational and offer many benefits for young people unable to read print:-

  • they allow children to enjoy the pleasure of reading through an accessible format
  • the enjoyment of literature broadens horizons, improves comprehension and vocabulary
  • by listening to the same books that their peers are reading, young people feel less isolated and more included
  • audio (sometimes used alongside normal print) helps children to reach their learning potential

This page will soon feature customised listings of books relevant to GCSE, A Level and PSHE but in the meantime, you can view the titles Calibre can offer by visiting our library page and running a search against the relevant category from the "Browse by Category" box on the left of the library screen.

Our son is severely dyslexic but very bright in all other respects. With the help of his teacher he has begun to write stories. These stories are informed by the extraordinary breadth of reading he has been able to achieve only through the Calibre Library.  Roy Apps, parent