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Yesterday, today, tomorrow - Calibre achievements and vision

Calibre's history shows how quite 'ordinary' people can see a problem and decide to do something about it. Back in 1974 a mother recognized that her partially sighted son was frustrated because he was unable to enjoy books. Together with two friends, she began recording books on cassettes – a cheap and practical way of meeting the need at that time.

Word spread and requests began arriving from people of all ages. By the end of the 1970s, Calibre had 600 titles and was sending out 30 books a day.

Today Calibre operates on a very different scale. We have over 8,500 titles in our library and we issue 450,000 books a year – around 1,800 books every working day!

The other big change is in technology. Our main way of providing audio books today is in digital format. The MP3 CDs and USB memory sticks are less bulky, easy to use and offer better sound quality.

Our vision for the future is one of continuing to provide a quality service available accessible to anyone who could benefit. Key to this will be maintaining choice by regularly adding new titles to our library – many of these new books, recorded by our volunteer readers, may be only be available from Calibre.

Your legacy could be an investment in a trusted and established charity to serve Calibre’s future members.