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Tony Ross DFC

He worked for Shell for 25 years and then became a Consultant with the American consultancy firms McKinsey and Co., and Booz Allen. He was a Fellow of the Institute of Petroleum and a Fellow of the Institute of Energy. 

He has written four books on the RAF:  75 Eventful Years (1991) (Catalogue no. 4455) ; Through Eyes of Blue: Personal Memories of the RAF from 1918 (2002) no.6421; Dear Joan, Love Letters From the Second World War (2010) (8645) and the privately published The Queen’s Squadron (1989). As Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Elizabeth was Honorary Air Commodore of 603 (City of Edinburgh) Auxilary Squadron. A blue and silver leatherbound copy was presented to Her Majesty before she unveiled a Scroll of Honour for the Squadron at the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh. On Her Majesty's instructions a copy has been placed in the Royal Library at Holyrood Palace.

His book Dear Joan, Love Letters From the Second World War, which retells the long distance romance between himself and the woman who would become his wife, has been critically acclaimed. Tony was interviewed by Anne Diamond for the BBC’s Vanessa Feltz  Show; by British Forces Television and Tony also appeared as a guest author at the Edinburgh Book Festival. You can hear him talking about this amazing wartime romance with Nicole Russell on Calibre Echo Autumn 2011 Newsletter.

At 90, he is just finishing another book : Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow. Royalties from his books go to the charity founded by Leonard Cheshire, whom he knew. 

Tony says: "For those of you who served in the Armed Services, and in particular the RAF, I am sure my books will bring back many memories of comradeship and of challenges successfully faced. For others, I hope they demonstrate the very wide range of humanitarian tasks the RAF carries out, over and above the demands of armed conflict."

Tony is a Member of the Society of Authors and the Society of Authors (France) and lives in the south of France.