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Candia McWilliam

Candia was awarded the prestigious Hawthornden prize 2011 which is given annually to an English writer for the best work of imaginative literature.

In 2006 Candia began losing her sight through a condition called blepharospasm, a neurological condition that caused her eyelids to close. Unable to see, she dictated the first part of her memoir. However, following a corrective procedure which enabled her eyelids to remain open involving the use of tendons taken from another part of her body, she wrote the second part herself describing her experience.

Her other works include: A Case of Knives (1988) which won the Betty Trask prize; A Little Stranger (1989) ; Debatable Land (1994)  (4201) which won the Guardian Fiction award and a book of short stories: Wait Till I Tell You (1997).

Candia, who says she is “honoured” to be connected with Calibre, is currently working on a new novel.