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News   - August 2018

Welcome to Calibre's news page. We hope you enjoy reading about the latest developments in our service, all the stories about people who have supported us, recent publicity, and also news about books.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair Adapted for Television


Vanity Fair is once again being adapted to appear on television this autumn. William Makepeace Thackeray's English drama originally appeared as... More >

cold landscape

Cool Reads


After highlighting some books in the library that fit in with this year's hot summer, it's time to point out some titles to bring down the... More >

The Children Act

Star Cast Brings Ian McEwan’s Book to Life on Film


Ian McEwan's book "The Children Act" is due to be released in cinemas this week with Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci in the leading roles. Emma... More >

heatwave sun

Hot Reads


As we had a prolonged hot spell this summer we thought we'd highlight some books in the library with plots or titles that reflect the heat we have... More >