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News   - Latest Headlines

Welcome to Calibre's news page. We hope you enjoy reading about the latest developments in our service, all the stories about people who have supported us, recent publicity, and also news about books.

movie reel

Books to Screens in 2020


2020 is set to be a bumper year of bestsellers and classics getting the on-screen treatment, be it television adaptations or big budget movies. If... More >

Women in Science

Books Celebrating Women in Science


Women in Science Day gives us the opportunity to stop and look at those women who played pioneering roles in an industry that has historically... More >

LGBT+ History Month 2020

LGBT+ History Month 2020


It's LGBT+ History Month A time to "educate out prejudice and make LGBT+ people visible in all their rich... More >


Burns Night: Scottish Poets


To celebrate Burns night this Saturday we are highlighting the work of two contemporary Scottish poets Kathleen Jamie and John Burnside. Kathleen... More >

Dave Thomas

Guiding Me Home and Away: The Autobiography of Former Footballer Dave Thomas


Working in partnership with the publisher Hornet Books we are delighted to add to the library Guiding Me Home and Away by former footballer Dave... More >

cat in christmas tree

10 Christmas books for children and young adults


If December is about consuming all things Christmas for you or your child, then we have the reading list for you! Whether it's taking some time out... More >

Calibre christmas CD tree

Festive Murder & Mystery: 10 books to read this Christmas


It's surprising how many murders occur at Christmas, at least in the fictional world. In the pages of a book, it's a decidedly risky time to be... More >

Sovereign in living room

Buy a player and membership and save!


For December we are offering the perfect gift for audiobook lovers. Buy a memory stick player and a lifetime membership to Calibre Audio Library... More >

Solo Christmas

New Christmas bundle


Introducing the perfect Christmas gift for audiobook lovers. Treat yourself or a loved one to the NEW Solo USB memory stick player. The Solo... More >

fairy tale dragon

How to Read Dragonese


Dragons remain a perennial literary favourite, and the popularity of George R R Martin's Game of Thrones series (10462 and 10463) shows it's not... More >