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cat in christmas tree

10 Christmas books for children and young adults

13 December 2019

If December is about consuming all things Christmas for you or your child, then we have the reading list for you! Whether it’s taking some time out to calm down from all the exciting activities or curling up in bed with an audiobook to fuel festive dreams, here are 10 of the best Christmas-themed children’s books in our library, organized by key stage.

Adults, if you missed our pick of the best seasonal reads for grown-ups click here.

Key Stage 1/2

Christmas Stories for Children by Mavis Connelly, narrated by Phillada Sewell 

Collection of short stories on a Christmas theme.

Letters from Father Christmas by J R R Tolkien, narrated by Miscellaneous

Can you imagine writing to Father Christmas and actually getting a reply? Every year, the children of J.R.R. Tolkien would write to Father Christmas, and the letters they received told wonderful stories of his adventures at the North Pole.

Key Stage 2/3

Father Christmas and Me by Matt Haig, narrated by Natascha McElhone

It isn't always easy, growing up as a human in Elfhelm, even if your adoptive parents are the newly married Father Christmas and Mary Christmas. For one thing, Elf School can be annoying when you have to sing Christmas songs every day - even in July. But when the jealous Easter Bunny and his rabbit army launch an attack to stop Christmas, it's up to Amelia, her new family and the elves to keep Christmas alive. Before it's too late…

A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig, narrated by Stephen Fry

This is the true story of Father Christmas. It is a story that proves that nothing is impossible. It is a tale of adventure, snow, kidnapping, elves and an 11-year-old boy called Nikolas, who isn't afraid to believe in magic.

The Girl that Saved Christmas by Matt Haig, narrated by Carey Mulligan

It is Christmas Eve and all is not well. Amelia Wishart is trapped in Mr Creeper's workhouse and Christmas is in jeopardy. Father Christmas knows he must find her, so with the help of some elves, eight reindeer, the Queen and a man called Charles Dickens, the search for Amelia - and the secret of Christmas - begins . . .

The Ice Monster by David Walliams, narrated by Miscellaneous

When Elsie, an orphan on the streets of Victorian London, hears about the mysterious Ice Monster – a woolly mammoth found at the North Pole – she’s determined to discover more… A chance encounter brings Elsie face to face with the creature and sparks the adventure of a lifetime – from London to the heart of the Arctic.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis, narrated by David King

Four children discover the magic world of Narnia by going through an old wardrobe. Book 2 of The Narnia Series, sequel to 'The Magician's Nephew' (615665).

A Family Christmas by Miscellaneous authors, narrated by Miscellaneous

A collection of beloved Christmas tales that every family will cherish, including classic stories such as "The Little Match Girl" and "The Nutcracker".

Key Stage 3

The Christmas Ghost by Robert Westall, narrated by Richard Ratcliffe

A thrilling Christmas ghost story set in Tyneside in 1930.

The Box of Delights by John Masefield, narrated by Terrence Hardiman

Kay has been asked to protect the Box of Delights, by a magical old man. The box allows time travel and Kay is in danger from Abner Brown who wants it for himself. When the police don't believe Kay he is forced to act alone.