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Audiobooks for a happier and healthier life

27 June 2019

Reading books has many health benefits; from reducing stress and helping to combat memory loss, to boosting mental health. Books provide us with companionship, adventure, empathy and enjoyment, and listening to audiobooks extends all of this to people who cannot read printed books.

Audiobooks, health and wellbeing

Ask a room full of people why they listen to audiobooks and you will probably get a whole host of answers. It calms a busy mind. It redirects thoughts away from any negativity. It provides companionship. But near top of the list will always be that audiobooks give the listener pleasure.

Physical problems can often affect a person’s overall wellbeing, creating secondary disabilities such as depression and anxiety. Research has shown audiobooks can improve mental health in the elderly, helping to counteract depression and other mental health issues. In addition, almost two thirds of those in a recent Reading Agency’s study said reading helped reduce their stress.

When a person’s health or sight deteriorates, learning to adjust can be overwhelming. Life’s simple pleasures, such as enjoying a good book, can seem out of reach. Our audiobooks bridge the gap to independence, allowing people with disabilities the opportunity to live a life filled with enjoyment, not just managing their condition.

Calibre Audio Library

There are 11,000 audiobooks in our library; all are unabridged and recorded by professional narrators. Books are available in multiple formats and can be:

·         delivered with our free postal service on MP3 CD and Memory Stick,

·         downloaded via our free app and

·         streamed directly from our website

Calibre Audio Library brings the joy of audiobooks to everyone who is unable to read print, whether it is due to sight loss, dyslexia or another disability. A lifetime membership is just £35 for adults and £20 for under 16’s, giving all members unlimited borrowing without any subscription charges or hidden costs.