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Big Garden Birdwatch

25 January 2019

This weekend is the RSPB's annual Big Garden Birdwatch, where everyone around the country is invited to take part and survey the birds and other wildlife they can spot in their garden. Although a visual impairment may prevent you from joining in with this, if you enjoy the natural world there is a huge selection of lovely audiobooks in our library. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Birds for the Blind      12150

A narrative guide to the songs and language of some of our best loved birds, to help those who are unable to see them. It also includes a contribution by BBC correspondent, Frank Gardner, with the voices of soldiers who have found consolation in bird watching in times of stress.

  • H is for Hawk      10194

As a child Helen was determined to become a falconer. When her father dies and she is knocked sideways by grief, she becomes obsessed with the idea of training her own goshawk. She buys Mabel for £800 on a Scottish quayside and takes her home to Cambridge to embark on the long, strange business of trying to train this wildest of animals. Costa Book of the Year Winner.

  • The Robin: A biography      12675

No other bird is quite so ever-present and familiar, so embedded in our culture, as the robin. But how much do we really know about this bird? We follow its lifecycle from the time it enters the world as an egg, to the adult bird; and at the same time we trace the robin's relationship with us.

  • The Seabird's Cry       13021

Seabirds are master navigators, thriving in the most demanding environment on earth. In this masterly book, drawing on all the most recent research, Adam Nicolson follows them to the coasts and islands of Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, and the Americas. Winner of the Wainwright Prize 2018, this book looks at the very real plight of seabirds such as puffins and gannets as their habitats are threatened and numbers dwindle.

  • Tweet of the Day: A year of British birds      13048

'Tweet of the Day' was named BBC Radio Programme of the Year 2014. This collection contains the songs of over 260 birds, featuring a mix of native birds, such as the Blackbird and Tawny Owl, and migrant visitors including the Icterine Warbler and Ortolan Bunting. The series provides memorable insight into their behaviour and habits, explains their literary or folkloric associations, and tells stories of scientific or conservation success.

For more information on the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch click here.