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New Year, New You?

9 January 2019

It’s the age-old tradition of ‘turning over a new leaf’ that we either embrace with open arms or shy away from. If you fall into the former category you may be looking for that little bit of extra motivation this year that has previously kept you from reaching your goals.

Did you know that in our huge audio books library we have an extensive range of self-help hypnotherapy books that may mean that 2019 is THE year for you!

Perhaps you’ve had a long-standing fear of flying or going to the dentist that you’ve never been able to overcome. Maybe you would like help to relieve anxiety and be more assertive. Or would you just like to relax more and tackle 2019 in a calm and restful way?

In addition to titles aimed at addressing adult problems we also have a large selection of audio books targeting issues that many children face, from fussy eating to managing dyslexia and exam nerves. The author is a former teacher specialising in children's hypnotherapy and her books cover all common areas that young children and teens encounter.

All are written and narrated by leading clinical hypnotherapist Lynda Hudson and are available from our library on request.

  • After Trauma     9323
  • Be Assertive     9322
  • Before You Fly     9321
  • Boost Your Confidence     9320
  • Build Your Self Esteem     617110
  • Calm and Control Vocal Tics and Bodily Twitches     9333
  • Calm and Relaxed at the Dentist     617114
  • Control Your Bladder: Good Morning      617113
  • Feeling Low?     9332
  • Focus and Concentration     617118
  • I Love Going to the Dentist!    617105
  • I Love School!    617107
  • I'm Confident     617109
  • I'm Dry at Night     617111
  • Improve Your Confidence    617121
  • Let Go of Anxiety     617120
  • Let Your Worries Fly Away     617108
  • Lose Weight     9331
  • Manage Your Dyslexia     617117
  • Overcome Exam Nerves     9330
  • Prepare For Your Operation    617116
  • Pre-Surgery and Healing    9329
  • Purely Relaxation     9328
  • Relieve Anxiety    9327
  • Rest and Sleep    617115
  • Rest and Sleep (Adult)    9326
  • Revise and Remember    9325
  • Say Goodbye to Fussy Eating    617112
  • Stop Smoking    9324
  • Thumbs Up! Stop Sucking Your Thumb    617106