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The Little Stranger book cover

Sarah Waters Novel Adapted for Film

26 September 2018

The film adaptation of The Little Stranger has just been released in UK cinemas and is based on the Sarah Waters novel. Starring Domhall Gleeson, Ruth Wilson and Will Poulter the story centres round Hundreds Hall, a family home inhabited by the Ayres, where Dr Faraday (played by Gleeson) is called to attend upon a patient there. The hall, much like its residents is in decline and the family appear to be haunted by something. Dr Faraday soon finds himself tangled up in the Ayres story, unaware of what this may result in.  Set in post-war Warwickshire during a hot summer this story that would appeal to anyone who likes gothic dramas.

If you would like to listen to listen to The Little Stranger before watching the movie then it is available to borrow from Calibre’s Audio Library. Add the catalogue number below to your reading list or stream it live now!

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters     9101