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New Collection of Stories for Younger Readers

21 September 2018

We are pleased to announce a new collection of audio animated stories to Calibre’s library produced by an organisation called 'Seeing the Sound', funded by Arts Council England. The stories they have produced are designed specifically for children who are visually impaired. The Audio Animated Stories are written, performed and edited in a manner to give a heightened level of immersion, without requiring ‘Audio Description’ or any other additional aid that may break immersion. Their aim is to create visceral, animated imagery inside your imagination.

Each ‘Audio Animated Story’ is essentially a cross between an audio book combined with the voice acting, performance, larger than life characters, and magic of an animation. They use special software to create sound effects that make the listener feel like they are in the story, hearing everything that happens around them.

Seeing the Sound have produced a collection of six stories so far all of which are now available in the library at Calibre. The details of the stories are as follows:

Number 6, Bats Cavenue                (617487)

This is a story about an extraordinary bat with a unique way of navigating her way around.

The Tree in the Cloud                       (617486)

This is a story about the big and small creatures that live in your back garden.

Circus Life                                          (617485)

This is a story about the trials and tribulations of an animal circus deep below Piccadilly Circus.

Jenny the Fox                                    (617484)

This story is about a fox named Jenny who, despite her lack of smell, leads the pack.

The Balloon and the Bee                   (617488)

This is a story about an unlikely friendship between a Balloon and a Bee travelling across America.

The Lost Treasure of Thomas Tew    (617483)

This is a story about a group of crabs, best friends, and their adventures while searching for pirate treasure.

For more information on Seeing the Sound’s Audio Animated Stories visit their official website at Seeing the Sound have been supported by Arts Council England, Calibre Audio Library, Royal Society for Blind Children and freesfx who are also mentioned with thanks on their website.