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National Eye Health Week

19 September 2018

National Eye Health Week is a yearly campaign that promotes the importance of eye health and encourages people to get their eyes tested so that any potential problems can be diagnosed early. Regular eye checks gives the greatest opportunity for treatment and the possibility of slowing down any degenerative conditions.

Organisations from all over the country will be getting involved including opticians, hospitals, pharmacies and associations for the blind. They will be fundraising and running events and workshops on what people can do to maintain healthy eyes including eating well, protecting your eyes in bright sunlight and not smoking.

The Vision Matters website has lots of useful information about the events happening, plus downloadable resources to promote the week and hints and tips on what you can do to get involved which can be as simple as telling your friends and family about their eye health to organising a quiz to raise awareness. There is also information on diet and nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For more information you can visit their website at

National Eye Health Week runs from the 24th to 30th September.