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Celebrating Libraries Week - Day 4

12 October 2017

Today is not only the fourth day of Libraries Week but it is also World Sight Day, an annual event which aims to focus attention and raise awareness on vision impairment. To encompass both the “discovery” theme of Libraries Week and the ethos of World Sight Day we are talking about our new download app that that has been designed especially for visually impaired people to be able to download and listen to books on mobile devices.

To introduce you to this new service here are some key facts about it:

  • The app can be used on mobile devices such as smart phones (Apple and Android) or tablets.
  • To access the app you need to be a member of Calibre and log in with your membership number and pin number.
  • The app gives you access to Calibre’s audio library where you can choose from thousands of books searching by category, title, author or reader.
  • Our download service will complement our current postal services available on USB memory sticks or CDs. Existing Calibre members will be able to use this service free of charge, in addition or as a replacement for our postal services.
  • The app works using the tap, double tap and swipe movements that mobile technologies utilise in place of visual clues and there is a choice of colour schemes and keyboards (ABC or QWERTY).
  • You can download up to four books to listen to via the app.
  • You can register two devices to use for downloading your books.
  • The loan period is 28 days but you can renew the book by contacting our membership services team if you have not finished with it.

If you would like to discover what the download app can do for yourself contact our membership services team on 01296 432339 or e mail