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Paddington Bear

Remembering the author of Paddington Bear

28 July 2017

Michael Bond, who famously created the popular children’s character Paddington Bear, died recently at the age of 91. Born in 1926 in Newbury, Berkshire he later moved to Reading and attended school there. He began writing in 1945 with the first Paddington book appearing in 1958.

Bond wrote more than 200 books for children and as well as Paddington, the Marmalade-loving bear from Peru, the author also invented characters including Olga da Polga and A Mouse Called Thursday. In 1983 he began writing a series of adult novels, featuring the detective Monsieur Pamplemousse. 

There are a selection of titles by Michael Bond to listen to in the Calibre Audio library for children and adults:

Paddington Bear Series:

Paddington Here and Now       616865

A Bear Called Paddington        615390

Paddington Helps Out              615999

Paddington Takes the Test      615391

Paddington at Large                 615998

Paddington Marches On           616001

Paddington Goes to Town        616000

More about Paddington            616079

Paddington Abroad                   615048

Paddington at the Circus           616321


A Mouse Called Thursday Series:Thursday Rides Again

Thursday Ahoy                          615545

Thursday Rides Again               615225


Monsieur Pamplemousse Series:

Monsieur Pamplemousse Aloft      003085

Monsiuer Pamplemousse Hits the Headlines    007843