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Guide to Home Adaptations

20 July 2017

Jessica found our website while researching home adaptations for a partially sighted relative.

She has kindly shared the guide she has written from a relative's perspective in the hope that it might be of use to some Calibre members and any family or friends who help support them. Jessica's full guide can be found on the website which contains various other general advice on household matters.

The article begins as follows:-

The Ultimate Guide to Adapting Your Home If You Are Blind or Partially Sighted


How to get home adaptations if you’re blind or partially-sighted. And some of the best adaptations you can have.

If you’re blind or partially-sighted, adapting your home could help you continue to live there independently. To provide you with the best information possible about home adaptations, this article is split into two sections:

  1. A collection of some of the best home adaptations for blind or partially-sighted people; and
  2. Information on how to get home adaptations.

Part one: the best home adaptations

Organising home adaptations is one thing but how do you know which adaptations will help you best? An occupational therapist will be able to offer some advice and guidance on this subject but they may not provide an exhaustive list. We’ve listed some general ways you can adapt your home and also specific adaptations that can help you in certain rooms.

Colour contrast

Contrasting colour highlights differences between things, making it easier for you to distinguish between them. Some examples of where you can use contrasting colour include:

  • Having floors, walls, and ceilings different colours.
  • Painting door frames a different colour to doors.
  • Using different colour door handles.
  • Having banisters and railings a different colour from walls.
  • Making the edges of steps stand out by using contrasting metal or plastic strips called ‘nosings’.
  • Having brightly coloured designs on glass doors and windows.

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