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Michael Palin's Prize

16 February 2017

Comedian, actor and writer Michael Palin has been given the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Award for his outstanding contribution to travel writing. Palin was recognised for his intrepid wanderings including those across Europe, Brazil and perhaps most memorably following in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg journeying around the world in eighty days, all of which have been very popular TV programmes with books written to accompany the series.

The Edward Stanford Award was launched in 2015, and seeks to celebrate the best travel writing, and travel writers, in the world. The award’s namesake was a map maker based in London in 1853. His maps inspired people to explore which in turn led to an increase in people writing about their travels.

 We have the following travel books by Michael Palin available in the library:

Full Circle (5274), Himalaya (8375), Brazil (9643), Around the World in 80 Days (3761)

Other travel writers you may enjoy:

Bill Bryson, Dervla Murphy, Carol Drinkwater, Paul Theroux, Chris Stewart and Peter Mayle