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Audio books can help ME/CFS sufferers by providing support during those long and lonely days when they are feeling the full force of their symptoms....

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A Summer Reading Selection from Calibre’s Editorial and Production Team

National Reading Group Day takes place on Saturday 16th June in celebration of reading groups and the positive effect that these groups have on...

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MANIL fortnight MANIL is an annual campaign which brings public libraries, blind and partially sighted people together to celebrate reading and...

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New Books

New Books for June

The Lighthouse Keeper

After writing successful biographies on some of the most eminent writers of our age, Claire Tomalin has turned her pen on herself with the aptly titled A Life of My Own (012510). From her difficult wartime childhood to becoming a successful literary editor, she charts her life up to the point when she made her name as a biographer. The Sunday Times says “her memoir is peppered with fascinating pen portraits and anecdotes” and Claire Tomalin has a very engaging and accessible writing style which makes for a good read.

The Lightkeeper’s Daughtersby Jean E Pendziwol (012670) is a very enjoyable story and one which would make the perfect holiday read. The book centres on Elizabeth whose eyesight has failed leaving her unable to read her father’s precious diaries that have been discovered on a ship wrecked boat. Here enters Morgan, a teenager who is trying to discover her place in the world and so comes with problems of her own. Fate brings these two together and their stories intertwine as the mystery of a lifetime unfolds.

Dilly Court is now well established as a family saga author and Ragged Rose (012603) is one of her more recent offerings. Rose has a secret but is too scared to ask her father for help and so it is up to her to save her brother. With the fate of her family in her hands, Rose has to make a terrible choice, even if it means putting herself in danger. If you like authors like Val Wood, Kitty Neale and Rosie Harris then you are sure to like Dilly Court.

Detective Constable Max Wolfe is back in the fifth book in the series written by Tony Parsons titled Girl on Fire (012618). This time terrorists use a drone to bring down a plane on a busy shopping centre which sets off a chain of events that Max Wolfe must get to the bottom of. If you haven’t come across this series before then why not start at the beginning as we have the previous four titles in the library at Calibre.

Travel writing is the perfect way to explore the world without leaving the comfort of your armchair which is exactly what Paul Theroux offers in his book Deep South (012679). An experienced traveller, Paul has spent the past fifty years writing about his experiences from all over the world but this time he has chosen to focus on an area closer to home. In Deep South he visits North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee among others, where he documents the magnificent scenery and introduces us to the people he meets along the way.

What would the story of Alice in Wonderland be if we could re-visit her now? This is exactly the question that Christina Henry answers in Alice (012538) as she continues Alice’s story in her original take on what might have happened next. We meet Alice after some years have passed, confined to a hospital with no knowledge of what she is doing there other than a vague recollection of a tea party and images of blood. Then an incident one night allows Alice to escape and hunt out the truth of what happened and come face to face again with the rabbit. This is a dark twist on a familiar tale.

The booktitledIn the Days of Rain by Rebecca Stott (012491) won the Costa Biography Award in 2017and is a candid memoir of the realities of living within the confines of a religious cult told through the author and her family. As they begin to question what they are told and eventually move away, Rebecca documents their experiences and the effects that life inside the cult has had on them.

Set in the North East of England in the 1960’s, Alan Hunter’s crime series featuring Inspector George Gently was televised by the BBC featuring Martin Shaw as the Inspector. The third book in the series Gently Down the Stream (012614) sees George Gently taking a well- deserved fishing holiday. His peace is interrupted when the body of a local man is discovered in a burnt out boat and he must sort through the confusion surrounding the death to unearth the murderer.

If you like historical fiction and haven’t come across author Charlotte Betts before, then it may be worth giving her book The House in Quill Court (012578) a try. This is Charlotte’s fifth book set in Kent in 1813 where Venetia Lovell lives with her brother and mother keeping the house in check while her interior decorator father is away on business. When a stranger arrives bringing bad news the family’s resolve is tested and Venetia must find all her courage and creativity to start a new life.

Little Exilesby Robert Dinsdale (012597) is a fiction novel depicting the true events post World War Two where some children were forced to migrate from Britain to Australia. This story centres on Jon whose mother leaves him outside Chapeltown’s Boys Home in 1948 as she can no longer cope. Jon fully expects his mother to return so is shocked when he then finds himself on a boat to Australia where the promises of paradise don’t quite live up to the reality he finds himself in. Described as ‘A heartbreaking story, very powerfully dramatised’ by The Times newspaper this is a book waiting to be discovered.

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