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Players - USB Memory Stick

Calibre stocks the following players suitable for listening to our books

All players we stock have a bookmarking facility, which means they resume playing either at the start of the track or at the exact point where they were previously stopped.

We offer three players suitable for listening to Calibre books on USB memory sticks:

Solo Player

New Solo memory stick player with complimentary lanyard and earphones


Introducing the perfect gift for audiobook lovers.

Treat yourself or a loved one to the NEW Solo USB memory stick player.

Image shows the Solo with headphones and lanyard on a side table

We know listening to our Calibre audiobooks can be a lifeline for our members, filling days with joy. So we’ve created a bundle offer that gives you the freedom to have a book to hand, whether you are moving around the house, in the garden or travelling.

The Solo personal USB player comes with complimentary earphones and lanyard neck strap, so you can use the player immediately. The player has simple controls designed with accessibility in mind and you can listen with wired or Bluetooth earphones. You can even link it to your home speakers. If you want to use the player out and about you can hang the player using the lanyard or pop it in your pocket.

The key player features are:

  • Multi-stick book-marking function
  • Keypad lock
  • Raised, shaped controls for tactile identification and ease of use
  • Real-voice audio announcements of battery level
  • World’s first power supply designed for visually impaired users
  • Best ever sound quality
  • Optimised to play the different types of USB sticks
  • Dimensions: Height 86mm x width 55mm x depth 18mm


Calibre membership sold separately (one-off payment of £35 for adult/£20 child)

Price £79.98 inc. VAT or £66.65 if you are visually impaired