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Players - USB Memory Stick

Calibre stocks the following players suitable for listening to our books

All players we stock have a bookmarking facility, which means they resume playing either at the start of the track or at the exact point where they were previously stopped.

We offer three players suitable for listening to Calibre books on USB memory sticks:

Sonic 2

Sonic 2 Memory Stick Player


The Kings Access Technology Sonic 2 is a major update to the original Sonic, incorporating changes based on feedback from 50,000 users.

The new Sonic 2 includes these new features:

  • World’s first USB-C Power Supply designed for visually impaired users

  • Digital amplifiers that produce an even clearer sound – both through speakers and headphones

  • Optimised USB stick compatibility to support a whole range of memory sticks



Kings Access Technology USB-C Charger

It also offers all the original Sonic's features:

  • Ultra Portable, weighing only 235 grams and measuring only 6 inches in width
  • Blutooth connectivity
  • Navigate between Files / Books on the same stick.
  • Plays MP3 files such as Calibre books, but also WAV and WMA files
  • Superb sound quality, equal to the Sovereign
  • Multi-stick bookmark memory
  • Protected speakers
  • Rechargeable battery (charger included)
  • Easily accessible headphone socket
  • Dimensions: Length 160.5mm x Depth 52mm x Height 61mm (6” x 2” x 2.5”) Weight: 235g (8oz)

Calibre's online price includes non-refundable postage via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery and packaging. This is a UK only price. Members from elsewhere in the EU will need to cover the additional postage costs we incur. Please call us on +44 1296 432339 to check overseas postage costs.

This player is manufactured by Kings Access Technology - please see