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The Miniaturist

The Miniaturist (10192) by award winning writer Jessie Burton, is soon to grace our TV screens over the Christmas period. This inventive and...

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Nicole by Calibre Sign

Journalist Nicole Russell, who until recently has been working for Calibre, is delighted that we have recorded a book to which she has been a...

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David Watson and Gran

Earlier this year David Watson blamed an early-onset midlife crisis for his decision to run the Northampton half marathon. His fundraising page on...

Find out more about Early-onset midlife crisis half marathon raises over £650!

New Books

December Books

The Dark Flood Rises

The Dark Flood Rises by Margaret Drabble (012167) is her 20thnovel and is centred round Francesca Stubbs, a lady who is entering into old age and not conforming to her family’s expectations of her. Described by The Times as “Dark, witty and exhilarating”, this novel approaches the subject of ageing with the type of engaging narrative that you would expect from Margaret Drabble.

Set during the negotiations for the 1938 Munich Agreement between Hitler and UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Munich (012211) by Robert Harris is another absorbing thriller from the author of Fatherland (003811).

Bestselling author Dan Brown is back with his latest instalment featuring Harvard professor Robert Langdon. Origin (012231) sees Langdon arrive at an event in Bilbao hosted by Edmond Kirsch a billionaire inventor who was also one of Langdon’s first students. Kirsch is promising to unveil a discovery that will “change the face of science forever” but before he can do so the evening is disrupted and Langdon is forced to flee the scene. What follows is a race to find the cryptic password that will reveal Kirsch’s secret while avoiding those who wish for the discovery to remain hidden.

Killing the Bismarck (012222) by Iain Ballantyne is a new account of the true events of May 1941 where the German battleship intended to attack allied shipping but was thwarted by the Royal Navy.

Made into a BBC TV drama, Our Zoo (012217) by June Mottershead recounts the origins of Chester Zoo when her father moved to the area in 1930 in order to open a zoo without bars.This extraordinary memoir tells of the trials and tribulations that contributed to gaining Chester Zoo the worldwide acclaim it has today.

If you enjoy family sagas then The Four Streets by Nadine Dorries (012223) may appeal to you. This is the first title in the Four Streets saga set in a community in 1950s Liverpool. The story centres round two girls, one who has a domineering stepmother trying to take the place of her dead mother while the other girl is harbouring a dreadful secret.

Wentworth house in Yorkshire is the subject of Catherine Bailey’s book Black Diamonds (012248) which belonged to the Fitzwilliam’s, a family who were at the heart of the coal mining community. This is the story of their spectacular decline and a class war that literally ripped apart the local landscape.

Continuing with Stieg Larsson’s legacy, David Lagerkrantz has followed up the millennium trilogy with his second instalment The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (012262). This carries on the story of Lisbeth Salander after the events in The Girl in the Spider’s Web (010807)who will stand up for what she believes in, whatever the cost.

Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales (012275)is another gripping selection of previously uncollected stories by the late crime author P D James. These tales explore the other sometimes unanswered questions raised in criminal activity like what happens to those who commit the crime but get away with it, or those that witness a crime but don’t report it.

The Angel Treeby Lucinda Riley (012226) follows Greta Marchmont as she returns to Marchmont Hall after 30 years. Battling with amnesia and having no memory of her past, a walk through the wintry landscape leads to a disturbing discovery. Greta begins to search for the woman she once was and to do so, she must summon all of her courage.

For the full list of this month’s new books checkout our New Books page.

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