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Man Booker Prize 2017

Lincoln in the Bardo(11862) by George Saunders has been the named winner of the 2017 Man Booker Prize for Fiction.Lincoln in the Bardois the first...

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Alan and Janet Smith

A huge thanks to Alan and Janet Smith from everyone at Calibre. After seeing first hand what difference our service made to the life of a Calibre...

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October Books

My Life with Plants

Roy Lancaster is one of our best known horticulturists and in My Life with Plants (12020) he reveals how a chance find of a Mexican tobacco plant as a schoolboy has led him around the world to pursue his passion. Follow him as he hunts for pitcher plants in North America, trudges through Malayan jungles, and shares his encyclopedic knowledge of the natural world.

In The Riviera Set (12021) Mary S. Lovell reveals the high jinks and larks of the rich and famous including Noel Coward and King Edward VIII who visited Cannes’ Chateau de L’Horizon. Home of society hostess Maxine Elliot, Winston Churchill could be spotted doing his daily lengths in the swimming pool into which gallons of expensive perfume were poured for the wedding of Prince Aly Khan and Rita Hayworth.

David Downing’s central character in Jack of Spies (12119) is luxury car salesman Jack McColl. This role provides a perfect cover while he travels the globe working as a spy for British Intelligence. When he falls passionately in love with Irish-born New York journalist Caitlin Hanley he is torn when his bosses order him to spy on the Nationalist movement supported by her family.

Georgette Heyer’s historical fiction has many fans so her collection - Snowdrift and Other Stories (12064) which includes three of her earliest short stories - will be very popular. Set in the Regency period the tales are full of romance, intrigue, rascals and rakes, not forgetting ubiquitous duals at dawn.

Ben Elton’s fourteenth novel, Two Brothers (11956), is the story of two German boys brought up as twins who end up on opposing sides in the Second World War: one with the British Army, the other with the Waffen-SS.

When Simon Cooper bought an old water mill he didn’t realise he would be sharing his new acquisition with a family of wild otters. In The Otters’ Tale (12154) he intertwines his observations of the animals with the history of the otter and the conservation work that has brought this wonderful creature back from the edge of extinction.

Eleanor Wasserberg’s debut novel Foxlowe (12122) finds Green living in a commune full of outcasts who strip people of their birth names and see the outside world as ‘the bad’. When an injured outsider is brought into the community and Green begins to question everything she has been told, she becomes suddenly aware the real threat doesn’t come externally, but from within.

To escape dark autumn days immerse yourself in Rosanna Ley’s sun-soaked The Little Theatre By the Sea (12129). When jobless interior designer Faye receives a call from her friend Charlotte to visit her   in Sardinia Faye thinks it may be an ideal way to recharge her batteries. However, little does she know behind the call lies a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to renovate a crumbling old theatre and to truly make her mark on the design world.

Mary Gibson’s Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams (12152) follows Matty Gilbie who is whisked away from her Bermondsey home by handsome Frank Rossi to find fame and fortune in America. When the Wall Street crash hits and Frank becomes more violent, Matty flees back to England and in secret begins work at the Peak Freans biscuit factory. But Frank is in pursuit and is determined to locate her and bring her back.

In Michael Crichton’s posthumous thriller Dragon Teeth (12156) set in 1876, Yale student William Johnson takes a bet to prove he can survive a summer in the Wild West. He joins the expedition of distinguished but secretive palaeontologist Othniel Charles Marsh but when he is abandoned by him and links up with Marsh’s arch rival, Edwin Drinker Cope, he falls upon a discovery of immense significance arousing the suspicions of the West’s most violent and notorious criminals.

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