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Our Latest Books

Below you will find details of all new books added to Calibre's library over the last 3 months. Full details of these books can be found by looking them up using the flexible search facilities on our library page. Just click the book number for each title and it will link automatically 

February 2017

Book No Title Author
011365 High Tide Veronica Henry  
011446 Bad Blood Arne Dahl
011510 By The Mast Divided David Donachie
011535 Autumn Alley Lena Kennedy
011537 Line Of Sight A C Koning
011540 The Reader On The 6.27 Jean-Paul Didierlaurent
011564 A Man Called Ove Fredrick Backman
011572 From Czechoslovakia With Love Keith Edmondson
011637 A Venetian Reckoning Donna Leon
011639 How To Find Love In A Book Shop Veronica Henry
011640 The Song Collector Natasha Solomons
011643 A Better Quality of Murder Ann Granger
011644 The Queen Of New Beginnings Erica James
011645 Secrets She Left Behind Diane Chamberlain
011646 Trigger Mortis Anthony Horowitz
011647 The Summer House Santa Montefiore
011648 Secrets Of The Sea Nicholas Shakespeare
011649 Children Of The Master Andrew Marr
011650 Head Of State Andrew Marr
011651 The Little Book Of Hygge Meik Wiking
011652 The Optician Of Lampedusa Emma-Jane Kirby
011653 Missing, Presumed Susie Steiner
011654 Eileen Ottessa Moshfegh
011655 Predator Wilbur Smith
011656 The One We Fell In Love With Paige Toon
011657 Recipes For Love And Murder Sally Andrew
011660 The Truth About Julia Anna Schaffner
011661 Tales Of The Peculiar Ransom Riggs
011662 Spectacles: A Memoir Sue Perkins
011666 Dilly's Sacrifice Rosie Goodwin
011667 Dilly's Lass Rosie Goodwin
011668 Dilly's Hope Rosie Goodwin
011671 Cause Of Death Jane A Adams
011672 The Wilful Heiress Victoria Thorne
011674 The Heartbreaker Elisabeth McNeill
011675 Blood, Iron & Gold Christian Wolmar
011676 An Awkward Commission David Donachie
011677 Death Of A Ghost Susan Kelly
011678 The Prince Of Mist Carlos Ruiz Zafón
011679 The Midnight Palace Carlos Ruiz Zafón
011683 A Plague Of Lions Guy Fraser
  Children's Books  
617369 Valentine Joe Rebecca Stevens
617372 Black Powder Ally Sherrick


January 2017

Book No Title Author
011348 Death In A Strange Country Donna Leon
011386 The Travelling Hornplayer Barbara Trapido
011415 What Would Mary Berry Do? Claire Sandy
011443 The Transit Of Venus Shirley Hazzard
011448 The Nice Bloke Catherine Cookson
011470 Fire In the Night: The Piper Alpha Disaster Stephen McGinty
011471 John Clare Selected by Paul Farley
011472 The Shell House Jane Thynne
011475 The Legacy Katherine Webb
011478 The Nursing Home Murder Ngaio Marsh
011493 A Whole Life Robert Seethaler
011494 Homecoming Catrin Collier
011496 The Ends Of The Earth Robert Godard 
011497 The Kappillan Of Malta Nicholas Monsarrat
011498 A Lady And Her Husband Amber Reeves
011499 The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Garden, 83¼ Years Old Hendrick Groen
011500 George Thomas, Mr Speaker Viscount Tonypandy
011516 Olive Kitteridge Elizabeth Strout
011538 Wig Begone Charles Courtley
011542 The Silk Merchant's Daughter Dinah Jefferies
011543 The Daughters Of Mars Thomas Keneally
011578 Sentenced To Life Clive James
011479 The Queen's Promise Lyn Andrews
011480 Orphans Of War Leah Fleming
011481 I Do Not Sleep Judy Finnigan
011483 Moonlight And Ashes Rosie Goodwin
011544 The Day You Saved My Life Louise Candlish
011545 The Sudden Departure Of The Frasers Louise Candlish
011546 The Disappearance Of Emily Marr Louise Candlish
011547 The Dead In Ther Vaulted Arches Alan Bradley
011548 Speaking From Among The Bones Alan Bradley
011549 I Am Half-Sick Of Shadows Alan Bradley
011550 Red Herring Without Mustard Alan Bradley
011551 Caribbee Julian Stockwin
011552 Pasha Julian Stockwin
011553 Tyger Julian Stockwin
011554 Secrets Of The Sewing Bee Kate Thompson
011558 The Inheritor's Powder Sandra Hempel
011559 The Noise Of Time Julian Barnes
011560 A Land More Kind Than Home Wiley Cash
011561 Mom & Me & Mom Maya Angelou
011562 Letter To My Daughter Maya Angelou
011566 Book Of Souls Glenn Cooper
011567 The Sellout Paul Beatty
011568 His Bloody Project Graeme Macrea Burnet
011569 The New Woman Charity Norman
011570 All That Man Is David Szalay
011571 Behind Closed Doors B A Paris
011574 The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain
011579 Rasputin's Shadow Raymond Khoury
011580 Breaking Cover Stella Rimington
011581 Black Water Lilies Michel Bussi
011582 The Library At The Edge Of The World Felicity Hayes-McCoy
011583 The Message Julie Highmore
011585 The Orphan's Dream Dilly Court
011586 Dangerous Pursuits Alanna Knight
011587 An Orkney Murder Alanna Knight
011588 The School Inspector Calls! Gervase Phinn
011589 Nine Lives Max Brand
011590 Storm On The Range Max Brand
011591 The Survival Of Juan Oro Max Brand
011592 The Golden Cat Max Brand
011602 Balancing Act Joanna Trollope
011603 Wake Anna Hope
011604 61 Hours Lee Child
011605 The Apothecary's Daughter Charlotte Betts
011606 New Selected Poems Seamus Heaney
011607 Through It All I'Ve Always Laughed Count Arthur Strong
011608 Six Poets: Hardy To Larkin Alan Bennett
011609 Look We Have Coming To Dover! Daljit Nagra
011610 The Sunday Sessions Philip Larkin
011611 Four Quartets T S Eliot
011612 Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats T S Eliot
011613 Man In The Dark Paul Auster
011614 His Illegal Self Peter Carey
011615 My Name Is Red Orphan Pamuk
011616 Poetry Please Miscellaneous
011617 A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing Eimear McBride
011624 The Woolworths Girls Elaine Everest
011625 Commonwealth Ann Patchett
011626 The Little Red Chairs Edna O'Brien
011627 A Dog Called Hope Damien Lewis
011628 The Road To Reckoning Robert Lautner
011629 The Smiling Country Elmer Kelton
011630 The Vengence Trail Of Josey Wales Forrest Carter
011631 The Day The Cowboys Quit Elmer Kelton
011632 Deadwood Matt Braiun
011633 If I Was Your Girl Meredith Russo
011634 Transit Rachel Cusk
011641 Dark Serpent Paul Doherty
011642 The Raven's Head Karen Maitland
  Children's Books  
617356 Rose Campion And The Stolen Secret Lyn Gardner
617359 A River Of Stories: Vol 4 - Fire Alice Curry Editor
617361 Witch Wars Sibéal Pounder
617364 Stories For Children Ted Hughes
617365 Friendship According To Humphrey Betty G Birney
617366 Grubtown Tales: Stinking Rich And Just Plain Stinky Philip Ardagh

December 2016

Book No Title Author
010992 Please Don't Cry Jane Plume
011282 In A Land Of Paper Gods Rebecca Mackenzie
011360 The Shell Seekers Rosamunde Pilcher
011366 Aberystwyth Mon Amour Malcolm Pryce
011382 The Ladies Of Lyndon Margaret Kennedy
011383 A Great Deliverance Elizabeth George
011416 Ad And Wal Peter Hain
011418 It Started At Sunset Cottage Bella Osbourne
011420 The Ballroom Anna Hope
011428 From Light To Dark: The Story Of Blind Dave Heeley Dave Heeley & Sophie Parkes
011440 Unaccustomed Earth Jhumpa Lahiri
011442 Rise: Surviving And Thriving After Trauma Sian Williams
011444 The 63 Steppes Keith Edmondson
011445 Summer Before The Dark Volker Weidermann
011447 No Surrender Constance Maud
011449 Annie Lynda Page
011450 Payment In Blood Elizabeth George
011451 Christmas Fireside Stories Miscellaneous
011453 The Grand Banks Café Georges Simenon
011455 The Lubetkin Legacy Marina Lewycka
011456 The Sin Eater's Daughter Melinda Salisbury
011457 The Co-Op's Got Bananas Hunter Davies
011328 Bitterroot James Lee Burke
011462 A Mother's Secret Dilly Court
011463 A Mother's Trust Dilly Court
011464 The Ragged Heiress Dilly Court
011465 The Workhouse Girl Dilly Court
011466 Cinderella Sister Dilly Court
011467 The Beauty Chorus Kate Lord Brown
011468 The Winning Mind Sebastian Coe
011469 The Weed That Strings The Hangman's Bag Alan Bradley
011482 Ruthless Cath Staincliffe
011484 Conclave Robert Harris
011485 Murder House James Patterson & David Ellis
011486 Bring Me Home Alan Titchmarsh
011487 Reasons To Stay Alive Matt Haig
011488 Smoke And Mirrors Ellie Griffiths
011489 The Girls From See Saw Lane Sandy Taylor
011490 Classic Detective Stories Miscellaneous
011491 The Frost Fair Edward Marston
011492 The Best Of Daughters Dilly Court
011501 The Red Velvet Turnshoe Cassandra Clark
011502 Ellis Island Kate Kerrigan
011503 The Red Eagles David Downing
011504 Breaking The Line David Donachie
011505 The Devil's Own Luck David Donachie
011506 The Dying Trade David Donachie
011507 An Element Of Change David Donachie
011508 The Scent Of Betrayal David Donachie
011509 A Game Of Bones David Donachie
011511 A Flag Of Truce David Donachie
011512 The Admiral's Game David Donachie
011513 An Ill Wind David Donachie
011514 Blown Off Course David Donachie
011515 Enemies At Every Turn David Donachie
011517 A Sea Of Troubles David Donachie
011518 A Divided Command David Donachie
011519 Stratton's War Laura Wilson
011520 An Empty Death Laura Wilson
011521 A Capital Crime Laura Wilson
011522 A Willing Victim Laura Wilson
011523 Birmingham Friends Annie Murray
011524 Birmingham Blitz Annie Murray
011525 The Narrowboat Girl Annie Murray
011526 Water Gypsies Annie Murray
011527 The Bells Of Bournville Green Annie Murray
011528 A Hopscotch Summer Annie Murray
011529 All The Days Of Our Lives Annie Murray
011530 My Daughter, My Mother Annie Murray
011531 Meet Me Under The Clock Annie Murray
011532 The Women Of Lilac Street Annie Murray
011533 Finding Audrey Sophie Kinsella
011534 Mount! Jilly Cooper
  Children's Books  
617353 Christmas With The Savages Mary Clive
617357 Book Of Lies Terry Teri
617358 Fright Forest Marcus Sedgwick

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