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Not all Charities are the same!

The Fundraising Standards Board has just published its report into charities’ treatment of Olive Cooke, the 92-year-old poppy seller whose suicide last year was the catalyst for widespread criticism of charity fundraising practices.

The report shows that there was clearly an active trade in Olive Cooke’s personal information. A quarter of the charities sampled had sold her data. Seven in ten had bought that data from someone else. Olive Cooke was being bombarded with mail by at least 70 charities. Calibre was NOT one of these charities.

We would just like to reassure our members that NOT ALL CHARITIES ARE THE SAME! Calibre will not sell your personal details to any other charity or commercial organisation. Neither does Calibre buy in mailing lists from other charities or commercial ventures, so we do not mail people who have no interest in our services. There are many other small-medium charities like ourselves who don’t buy or sell personal mailing data. 

At Calibre, we do rely on the support of our members for our long-term survival and you will receive occasional mailings from us unless you have opted out of doing so. There will be an opt out box on all any mailing that requests financial support or you can ring or email us at any time to make such a request. We strongly recommend that you do not opt out of all mailings or you will miss our newsletters and important information about any changes to our service.

We are extremely grateful to the many Calibre members who do choose to support us. We respect that it is your choice to do so and are greatly encouraged when people demonstrate how they value our service by making that choice. Thank you.


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