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I became a member a little while after getting M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy). I have always been a keen reader and love books, so when I became unable to read them due to the M.E. (the muscles in my eyes won't focus on printed pages) I tried large print books but I couldn't read those either. I have very limited screen time on my laptop as even with the print size turned up I struggle reading it and I get huge headaches; I have to type emails looking at the keys, not the screen. 

I like books by Gervase Phinn; Jilly Cooper; Erica James and Sue Grafton; Sue Townsend’s The Queen and I (3734) I think is very funny. I also like a series of books by Janet Evanovich about a bounty hunter called Stephanie Plum. These books are quite like the Sue Grafton 'letter' books: C is for Corpse (4386); N is for Noose (5178) but Janet's are 'number' books and about a bounty hunter not a PI, but I find both series very enjoyable. 

I've been a member for almost 10 years now and met Nicole from Calibre at the Coventry Resource Centre and bought a Boombox Plus USB player; I've found it very good.

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